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Six prom dress shopping mistakes to avoid

Prom night should be a fun rite of passage but making one of the following mistakes in the run-up could turn the special night into a nightmare. Read on to make sure your evening isn’t a write-off.

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Wear the right underwear

When shopping for your dress, wear the underwear you will be wearing on prom night. Whether it’s seamless knickers, a strapless bra, or some shapewear, you need to see what the dress will look like and how it fits with the underwear you will be wearing on the evening.

Don’t obsess over the size

We all know that dress sizes vary from store to store, so don’t dismiss a dress just because the number on the label isn’t your “normal” size. Formalwear can often have quite a large disparity in sizing, so go with your heart and don’t let the label get you down!

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You don’t have to buy a pricey dress

Department stores stock lots of affordable dresses that would make great prom dresses, as do sites like Remember to check the sale racks, too! If you really want a designer dress or you want to go for something a little more unique, consider renting a dress.

Shop with a few people

Browsing for a prom dress with too many people can be stressful and will cause you to lose focus on what you really want. Only shop with a few friends or family members whose opinions you trust and value. If you’re shopping with friends who are also going to the prom, make sure you check what everyone is buying to avoid “twinning”.

Be mindful of your budget

It’s no good setting your sights on a dress that’s way out of your budget and end up feeling disappointed, so stay focused and only try on dresses that you can afford. Try using magazines to create a mood board of the look you want to go for, then use it while you browse in shops within your price range. You could even borrow some accessories from friends or family members.

Wear something comfortable while you browse

Shopping in an uncomfortable outfit can ruin the day and cause you to make the wrong buying decisions. Wear something that can be slipped on and off easily, and avoid tight jeans, shoes with laces, layers, and button-up tops.