The Different Types Of Shoes

Shoes are considered part of the clothing commodity in a person. It is used for the feet as an accessory for comfort. The design of the shoes depends on the history and culture. Each style comes in varieties from flats to high heel and some with a different purpose to use. Shoes are specifically made for every gender. Furthermore, different materials are used in manufacturing this footwear starting from rubber to leather. High fashioned designer shoes are pricier of course compared to the ordinary ones.

Traditionally, this was only made with wood, leather, or canvas and were made as protection for the feet and evolved for so many years now.

• Dress shoes

Usually this kind of shoe is made for both genders. It is made with simplicity with leather and consists of a small amount of openings. For open-toe shoes for women, it consists of straps and made with openings. It is also made with secured laces, zippers, and elastic inserts for your feet to hold on it

• Men’s

Shoes for men are done with the easiest materials. Typically made with rubber and pure leather, it also has different styles to choose from basic to casual to formal. Generally, men are not into more in fashion compared to the ladies. They only use shoes that fit their daily routine. For instance, going out for a walk, rubber shoes or sandals are recommended. There are categories and decorative ways in men’s shoes such as oxfords, bluchers, monk-straps, slip-ons (sandals), and the popular loafer shoes.

• Women’s

Every woman would die to have a shoe that she loves. Nowadays, it is considered an obsession for women to collect shoes. Varieties of women’s shoes are available from flats to super high heels. Of course, when a woman would wear shoes that are in fashion they would feel with royalty. Fashion designers have taken part in the shoe industry, and women dig into it. High-heeled shoes come with three styles, which are the kitten heels, stiletto heels, and wedge heels. Espadrilles and mules are commonly used for casual events. Sneaker boot is a shoe used for protecting your feet in a cold environment but some would wear it with style depending on what they are wearing.

• Athletic

Normally, this footwear makes use of the outdoor activities. Sneakers are usually common to wear these days. Not only it gives you the style but comfort as well. A plain rubber shoe is made for walking or taking a long run, whether you are in the mood for biking, hiking, or strolling around. Boots are also footwear for protection of the weather. It is commonly used in cold countries to keep your feet warm.