The Force of the Air in a Pair of Shoes

Nike is one of the finest brands in the world among the sneakers’ manufacturers. Probably, most sneaker lovers know that the best Nike’s design is Air Force 1 shoes, which are widely used among basketball players, rap musicians, and even in the urban fashion.

Nike’s Air Force shoes were first brought up in 1982, and since then they have had many different stages of development. The design was changed several times and the conception as well. But people still continue to buy these shoes despite the changes and prices, even now, almost 30 years after their first appearance on the market. It’s all because if the approach, Nike, Inc. has chosen and followed to reach meet consumer’s needs and interests in the sports shoes.

It’s not a secret for those, who have been watching Nike’s progress and success throughout the time, that people, who wear Nike sneakers can’t really wear anything else with the same pleasure. It’s not because of the whims, but rather it’s the comfort and quality of the sneaker shoes designed by Nike. It may sound miraculous for an average consumer that a company that only has a little more than 50 years of experience on the market has already gained such extensive influence in sports clothing and sports footwear. However, Nike is truly climbing this mountain of success higher and higher day by day.

Air Force 1 shoes have probably involved the finest experiences, ideas and intentions that have ever been brought up by Nike and its designers. We all know that Nike shoes are very popular among professional basketball players. Now, Air Force shoes is this particular design that have found its place in the hearts and on the feet of professional basketball players. We could often see how Jerry Stackhouse and Rasheed Wallace were flying over the basketball court – Air Force One shoes have their part in these sportsmen’s flights.

Thus, whether you are a professional or amateur basketball player, or just a person, who wants comfortable shoes on their feet, Air Force 1 is the perfect choice in your case. You shouldn’t neglect the fact that the AF1 design was constantly changing during the last 25 years and it was constantly improving as well. Actually, it is really hard to find sneakers same as good as those that Nike manufactures, especially Air Force 1 shoes. Even such “monsters” of the industry, like New Balance, often lets Nike have their leadership in sports shoes manufacturing.